Sunday, August 30, 2009

The New Old Taylor, First Batch.

As archivist at the Filson Historical Society for the papers of E. H. Taylor, Jr., Mike Veach discovered that Taylor favored white corn, not yellow, and used 2 1/2 times the normal amount of barley malt -- about 25% malt. With 10% rye and the rest white corn, that was Taylor's mash bill. He distilled it to about 107 proof and put it in the barrel that way, aging it for about 8 years.

The picture above, courtesy of Mark Brown, is that recipe, last week, in the micro-distillery fermenters at Buffalo Trace. The first batch of the new Old Taylor has started its journey.


beer guru, jr. said...

do you know who's yeast is he using, chuck? by chance, did a slant of old taylor's original strain survive in some yeast bank?

jim kube

Chuck Cowdery said...

No such luck. Standard Buffalo Trace yeast.

Mike Ryan said...

Saw some of the Taylor barrels in warehouse D last week. Phrases like "I want" ran through my head.