Monday, August 10, 2009

Jack and Coke RTD Debuts in UK.

Although imbalanced tax and regulatory regimes make them unattractive in the USA, ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails are very popular in the rest of the world.

In Australia, for example, one of the top international markets for American whiskey, more of it is consumed in RTDs than any other way. Jim Beam, Wild Turkey and others have popular RTDs that combine whiskey and cola.

Now Jack Daniel's, the world's most popular American whiskey, is joining the fray with Jack Daniel's & Cola in a 330 ml can, just released in the United Kingdom.

Susie Modhawadia, Jack Daniel's brand manager, said, "With consumer research demonstrating that over 40% of Jack Daniel's is consumed with cola, this new product is the perfect mix."

In the United States, where spirits products are taxed more heavily that beer and wine, and distribution is more limited, RTDs that contain the actual spirit product portrayed on the label have been a non-starter. Instead, many leading spirits brands have developed flavored malt beverages as line extensions, such as Black Jack Cola, which leverages the Jack Daniel's name and image but contains no actual Jack Daniel's whiskey.

Both types of products have been demonized by anti-alcohol crusaders who dub them "alcopops" and falsely accuse producers of targeting them at children.

The suggested retail price of Jack Daniels and Cola is GBP1.99 (US$3.30).

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Red Cup Spirits said...

Two of the biggest names in beverages team up present an age old drink in a 60 year old can design. The problem with Ready to Drink (RTD) beverages is that they are not "ready to drink".

One of the key features of Jack Daniels is it's taste. In order to fully consume it's taste, you need the aroma it creates when pouring to a glass.

If the RTD needs to be poured to a glass, then it should be called "Ready to Pour".