Saturday, August 15, 2009

Coming Soon, Two New BT Experimentals.

The two new releases in the Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection (BTEC) are both double wood. The first was distilled in 1993, aged for 8 years in a new barrel, transferred to another new barrel and aged for 8 more years. The second was distilled in 1997, also aged for 8 years in a new barrel, then transferred to another new barrel for four more years.

I tasted them yesterday. The one with the lesser time in the second barrel was better, good even. Woody, of course. The 16-year-old was too much. Bitter, acrid.

The original double-barrel was also distilled in 1993, but it was the BT2 (high rye) recipe. The new one is BT1 (low rye). That earlier one, like the new '97, was 8 years in one barrel, 4 in the other.

They'll be released in October. I don't know the suggested price, but they're typically $50+ for a 375 ml bottle. Pricey and also in very short supply.

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