Friday, February 28, 2014

Fountainhead School of Spirits Update

We had another good Tuesday night at the Fountainhead School of Spirits this week, where we enjoyed the Whiskeys of Wild Turkey. Although it wasn't quite a sellout, it was close.

Next week's scheduled class, the Whiskeys of Jim Beam, has been cancelled due to lack of interest. This was surprising but the people have spoken. We are committed to listening to our students and giving them what they want. To that end, Fountainhead is setting up an email address for feedback and suggestions.

After three successful classes, the Fountainhead School of Spirits (the Harvard of Booze) is off to a good start. Thanks to the folks at Fountainhead and all of you students for a great experience. We'll do everything we can to keep making it better.

This is it for me until the next term starts up in April. The remaining two classes of this bunch are March 11 and March 25, both conducted by Martin Duffy. March 11 is Introduction to Irish Whiskey. March 25 is Introduction to Scotch Whiskey.

In between is St. Patrick's Day, an education in itself.

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Justin said...

Interesting. Being much to far away to attend, I find it curious that wild turkey was a near sell out and Jim beam was cancelled due to rampant apathy. Where I am I would imagine quite the opposite. Are beam products that detested in Chicago?