Monday, September 19, 2011

One-Handed Typing Sucks.

I broke my wrist a few days ago, so posts may be less frequent and definitely shorter until it gets fixed. Too bad, because I have quite a bit to tell you, from the Bourbon Festival and beyond.

I'll get it all written and posted eventually. 

Now I know what they mean about the one-armed paper hanger.


Ryan Murphy said...

Then I guess it must have been a good Bourbon Festival.

Don Michels said...

The Dragon speech-to-text software isn't bad. It's a lot easier to go back and edit the mistakes one-handed than to type the whole thing!

Lorne Wright said...

Sorry to hear that! I only found your blog recently, but I got "Bourbon, Straight" a couple years ago as a gift. It's been a great read and resource as I've learned more about (and enjoyed) bourbon. This year I even flew down to Kentucky from my home in Canada to tour distilleries. It was a great trip! Hope you're feeling better soon.

Chuck Cowdery said...

Surgery was successful and though I'm still one-handed, I'm on the road to recovery. Thanks for all the kind words.