Tuesday, September 6, 2011

News From Templeton Rye.

Here is some news from Templeton Rye President Scott Bush that came by way of their email newsletter. I thought it interesting enough to pass along.

Templeton has taken a lot of heat for not being able to keep up with demand in its home market of Iowa while it tries to expand into other areas. To rectify this, they announced they will greatly increase their monthly allocation to the State of Iowa in October, November and December, "so you should have an easier time finding a bottle of The Good Stuff for the holidays."

They say they are on pace to sell 22,000 cases in Iowa in 2011, up from 7,100 in 2010. This is one of the first tangible numbers I've seen for Templeton's sales. Twenty-two thousand cases of a premium whiskey in a smallish market like Iowa is pretty impressive. Whatever else Templeton might be, they are effective marketers.

Bush also points out that Templeton is only sold in four states: Iowa, Illinois, New York, and California. They are a pretty big deal here in Chicago, so they are in my face more than they are for most people. They've been in New York and California for less than a year and their distribution there is pretty much limited to high-end bars in New York City and San Francisco.

The news about that is that they don't intend to add any more markets until at least 2014.

Since this is Templeton, I can't resist a small dig.

Their email newsletter is called "Straight From The Still." That's a laugh since the still in which every drop of Templeton Rye is made is not even in Iowa and is not owned by them. Every drop of Templeton Rye is and always has been made at LDI in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. That's why Templeton has supply problems, they are limited by how much whiskey LDI has to sell.

Templeton is bottled in Templeton, Iowa, and at least some of it is partially aged there as well. They also claim, in one of their videos, that they throw some rye grain grown on Templeton-area farms into the hoppers at LDI.


Nathan said...

Holy crap, 22k cases of high-end rye in Iowa?? Here in PA the entire category only sells 3,300 cases a year state-wide, and we're the birthplace of rye!

Chuck Cowdery said...

Yeah, I know. That's why I thought it was interesting.

IowaJeff said...

The Iowa ABD lists TR as having sold 4,153 cases in Iowa through July. If they want to reach 22k total that will be quite an increase for the remainder of the year. Jim Beam and Jack are the only non-blended whiskies above TR in Iowa sales. TR sells more than Maker's and EW Black combined here. Craziness.

IowaJeff said...

The sales of Bulleit Rye, Sazerac, JB Rye, and Russell's Reserve, the other ryes generally available here that I would consider similar in quality to TR (in the case of Bulleit, very, very similar)(all cheaper than TR BTW), are miniscule in comparison. The power of marketing.

Chuck Cowdery said...

It always deserves to be said that the whiskey itself is very good. Great marketing can only sell the first bottle.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading "Guide to Urban Moonshining" and I'm just NOW learning about the deceptiveness of Templeton Rye. I'm from Iowa. This is sad. BUT it's still a d@mn good drink. Mike in Milwaukee