Saturday, June 11, 2011


I recently added a short list of recommended blogs to the right side of this page. Only the five blogs with the most recent posts are displayed, in posting order with the most recent one first.

These are the blogs I actually follow so it's not a reflection on any blogs not on this list, some run by friends of mine, except for the fact that it means I don't follow them. I only follow a few, which doesn't mean I don't look at some others from time to time.

The ones I recommend are the ones I read a lot and like a lot. Some of those are run by friends of mine too.

Only two are run by producers and only one of those is a major American whiskey producer, Buffalo Trace (BT). Specifically, I follow Harlen Wheatley's blog. He is BT's Master Distiller. His is the one called "Master Blog."

You might very well wonder why I follow Wheatley's blog and nothing from any other major producer. The best answer I can give you is that if any other producer does one even half as well, I'll consider it. Wheatley doesn't waste my time, a big plus when comparing blogs run by commercial interests. When he posts he has something to say, some actual information to convey.

Buffalo Trace in general, under the leadership of CEO Mark Brown, has a very finely-tuned sense of what whiskey enthusiasts want to know. If I seem to write about them more than I do about other producers, that's why. If others want the same kind of attention, the template is right there for you.

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sku said...

Wow Chuck, I'm honored to be included on your list. I guess I'll have to clean up my act now.