Friday, June 17, 2011

Four Roses 2011 Single Barrel Limited Edition.

Referencing back to Monday's allegory, the 2011 Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel, released last month, is what happens when Flora gets frisky with the very wry farmer. It's what you get 12 years later, that is.

I reviewed the 2011 Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel here.

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Snakeman said...

My lucky day.... While nobody around here has received the 2011 4R SB LE yet, I was in Chicago today, and the downtown Binny's had all there hand picks 4R SB on sale.
@ $5.00 off, nice.
While there versions is only 8yrs old, and not 12, the $40.00 savings will more than make up the 4yrs age difference. I love Binny's.