Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Having Trouble Getting Some Marker's 46? Maker's Mark Has Suggestions.

The folks in Loretto tell me the success of new Maker's 46 has exceeded their expectations. The first release sold out quickly. The second release scheduled for September 1 was 100 percent pre-sold. There will be one more release in 2010.

Maker's is now announcing on its official Facebook page whenever shipments of 46 leave the distillery. They also suggest you ask your whiskey monger to start a priority waiting list. Maker's has had a few people inquire about where to get Maker's 46, about 50,000 people, actually.


sku said...

Really? I see plenty of bottles on the shelves. I'm sure retailers are keene to get it, but at least in my area, there doesn't seem to be any shortage from a consumer perspective.

Chuck Cowdery said...

The law in Illinois, and I assume other states, prohibits transfers between stores, even among stores with common ownership. So if a chain's allocation has been completely distributed, one store might sell out while the rest have plenty but they can't restock that store until they get a new shipment. There seems to be no shortage here in Chicago either, but it definitely is on allocation.