Thursday, May 20, 2010

Employees At Beam Global Frankfort Toast Expansion.

I love a company that gets all of its employees together in the middle of the week for a drink.

The occasion Wednesday was an official unveiling ceremony for plans to expand Beam Global’s facility in Frankfort, Kentucky. When completed in the fall of 2011, the expansion will double the facility’s production size and capacity, and bring 120 new jobs to the area, increasing the workforce to 365.

Kentucky Governor Steven L. Beshear and Beam Global President and Chief Executive Officer Matthew J. Shattock hosted the party.

Beam’s Frankfort plant has a scenic location at the fork in Elkorn Creek. A distillery has been on that site since 1869. Beam stopped distilling there when they bought the place in 1987 as part of the acquisition of National Distillers. They continue to use the aging warehouses and bottling plant. The company’s only other U.S. spirits bottling plant is at the Jim Beam Distillery in Clermont, Kentucky.

About 160 Beam Global products will be bottled at Frankfort after the expansion, which corresponds with the closing of a Beam facility in Cincinnati. The expanded plant will have an annual capacity of 10 million cases, representing an increase from 24 percent to 32 percent of Beam Global’s total worldwide case volume.

The project, which includes the addition of four new bottling lines and approximately 65 new tanks, will allow Frankfort to assume production and bottling of DeKuyper cordials. Other brands bottled there include Sauza, the world’s number two-selling Tequila, and Canadian Club, one of the world’s leading Canadian whiskies.


Unknown said...

How many jobs will Cincinnati lose?

Bas said...

We have a saying that goes ;

One's death is another mans bread.