Friday, May 14, 2010

Bourbon Monday, Single Malts Wednesday.

I'm teaching a Bourbon class this coming Monday, May 17th, at Rocks Lincoln Park (1301 West Schubert). Then on Wednesday, May 19th, I'm teaching a Single Malt Scotch class at the Hye Bar (3707 North Southport). The classes start at 7:00 PM, include tasting, and last about a hour, although the nice thing about doing them in a bar is that you can continue to 'learn' after the class concludes.

All of these classes are "an introduction to..."

Would it sound cooler if I said I'm "conducting a bourbon tasting workshop"? Does "teaching a class" sound too academic?

I'm doing this through I Wish Lessons. To attend, or get more information, go to their web site and click on "Drinks Around the World."

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