Friday, April 10, 2009

The New Bourbon Country Reader Is In The Mail.

It should have been the March issue, but it's the April issue instead.

Now in its unlikely 16th year of publication, the Bourbon Country Reader is still the only periodical devoted entirely to American whiskey.

We are always independent and idiosyncratic. We have no distillery affiliation and accept no advertising.

To join the party, you have to subscribe.

This new issue is devoted to two stories about new bourbon whiskey producers. One is a macro-distillery that has been dark for 17 years. The other is a tiny start-up in an unlikely place.

What ties them together is a prediction made in 1992 by an executive of a major, international drinks company, that a new distillery his company built that year in Louisville would be, "the last American whiskey distillery ever built."

Was he right?

You have to subscribe to find out, but if you do it before our next issue is published (scheduled for June), your first issue will be Volume 11 Number 6, which contains these stories. If you subscribe thereafter, you can always request that your subscription begin with that issue. (We're very agreeable here at Reader Tower.)

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