Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is the Wild Turkey Sale a Good Thing?

Will the sale of Wild Turkey be good for American whiskey enthusiasts?

The current-soon-to-be-previous owner, Pernod-Ricard, is the world's second-largest drinks company, after Diageo. It has publicized a list of brands it considers its core. Wild Turkey was not on that list.

Campari, although a much smaller company, wants to use Wild Turkey as a vehicle for its overall growth, internationally as well as in the United States, where Campari is not now a big player. Although they haven't put out a list like Pernod did, it seems that Wild Turkey will be high among Campari's priorities.

So, it seems likely that Wild Turkey will get more attention from senior management at its new home than it did at its old one. Whether or not that proves to be a good thing remains to be seen. However, most brands, like most people, do best when they are wanted.

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