Sunday, February 28, 2016

Our Geekiest Issue Yet

As we rapidly approach our 100th issue, The Bourbon Country Reader remains the oldest publication devoted exclusively to American whiskey. The Reader is still independent and idiosyncratic, with no distillery affiliation. It accepts no advertising. The Reader exists to serve the worldwide community of whiskey geeks and for no other reason.

Volume 17, Number 3 of The Reader may well be our geekiest issue yet, as we dive deep into real life "Jurassic Park" science, yeast division. It is the story of Limestone Branch Distillery and its new very-old yeast strain, which was obtained using advanced nucleic acid extraction methods and other brainy technology. We have tried to tell the story in a way most people can understand and believe we succeeded, more or less.

This all-Kentucky adventure starts with an old yeast jug that belonged to legendary Yellowstone master distiller M. C. Beam, great grandfather of brothers Steve and Paul Beam, who run Limestone Branch. It ends with the biological product scientists at Danville's Ferm Solutions. Just like the masters of old, the team at Ferm Solutions is both yeast-makers and distillers. Their other business is Danville's Wilderness Trail Distillery.

After they took care of Limestone Branch they dabbled in a little "Jurassic Park" science for themselves.

This geek-packed issue includes information about some important new straight rye whiskeys and will also introduce you to another up-and-coming micro, Wisconsin's Driftless Glen. The newsletter just went to the printer and will go into the mail in a few days.

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Charlie Arehart said...

All the links for the Reader fail (subscribe, sample, index), going to an earthlink 404 page. Is that to be expected, just 11 months later? Any updated URLs?

Chuck Cowdery said...

Thanks for the catch. All of the links have been fixed.