Monday, October 19, 2015

MGP Joins Big Boys Club

It was announced last week that MGP has joined the Distilled Spirits Council (DISCUS), the national trade association for producers and marketers of distilled spirits sold in the United States. This is another major move by the Kansas-based distiller which makes bourbon, rye, gin, and vodka primarily for the non-distiller producer (NDP) marketplace.

"As a leading supplier of premium distilled spirits, joining DISCUS is an important step in the evolution of our company," says MGP President and CEO Gus Griffin. "We are excited about our membership in DISCUS, which further demonstrates our commitment to playing an increasingly active role in this industry.”

MGP makes neutral spirits at its distilleries in Atchison, Kansas and Lawrenceburg, Indiana, while Lawrenceburg also makes whiskey.

DISCUS is one of several trade associations in the beverage alcohol business, but it is the largest and best-known group for producers. Joining DISCUS is a big commitment. It's expensive. Not every major producer is a member. Heaven Hill and Sazerac, for example, are not. MGP becomes DISCUS’ 15th voting member. In addition, DISCUS has 127 small distiller affiliate members in 35 states.

DISCUS says that, since 1935, it and its predecessor organizations have served as the industry’s voice on public policy and legislative issues in the nation’s capital, state capitals and foreign capitals worldwide.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious whether the Midwest Grain Products labeled rye currently available from First Cask Nation is the first such product ever brought to market. Seems clear that the DISCUS announcement is a prelude to a greater brand presence. Any more info available beyond this announcement?

Tom K said...

"...joining DISCUS is an important step in the evolution of our company" and "...demonstrates our commitment to playing an increasingly active role in this industry”

Would it be wrong to interpret these comments as a sign that MGP is thinking about putting out their own labeled products?

Chuck Cowdery said...

The press release also contained the following: "MGP has recently introduced its own limited edition premium bourbon whiskey, Metze’s Select."

Crown Point Marc said...

Which is only available at the distillery, correct?

Anonymous said...

Metze's Select is distributed to retail. I saw it at a store in the Indianapolis area last week.

Crown Point Marc said...

Ah, good to know. Thank you