Friday, September 12, 2014

Come See Me in Hancock, New Hampshire on Saturday, September 20

If you will be anywhere near Hancock, New Hampshire, next Saturday, September 20, you should come see me at the Hancock Inn. It's a lovely place, the oldest inn in New Hampshire. We'll taste some bourbon and have some dinner. It will be fun. You should come. Details are here.

On Friday, October 10, I'll be teaching a master class at Indy's Whiskey & Fine Spirits Expo, sponsored by Vine & Table. I'll post more details on that as they become available.


Donald Sink said...

Looking forward to seeing you there, Chuck. Called this afternoon as soon as I saw this post. Definitely "in the neighborhood" since I have lived just across the river in Greenfield for about 25 years. The Hancock is indeed a lovely inn.

Chuck Cowdery said...

Me too, Donald. Please tell your friends.

stilldaddy said...

DAMNIT! I'll be in VT starting tomorrow and I'm coming home to CT that day. With family in tow, I'll not be able to change plans so drastically (or I would). Come out to New England again so I can do this sort of thing (or just hang out, grab some bourbon, and chat).