Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary Should be in Stores Now

Officially, Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary dropped last week, July 28. It's a specially-made, limited edition bourbon to celebrate Master Distiller Jimmy Russell's 60 years at the distillery. If you're interested, contact your whiskey monger now.

How limited is it? All they'll say is it's "available nationally, but in small quantities." If history is any guide, it will be gone fast, even at the MSRP of $124.99. It is 91° proof (45.5% ABV). Having every proof statement end in '1' is a reference and tribute to the brand's 101° proof flagship.

The product, made by Jimmy Russell's son, Eddie, who has 33 years of tenure, is a mingling of 13- and 16-year-old whiskeys. It was unveiled in mid-April at an event in Jimmy Russell's honor at the new visitors center. It went on sale at the distillery that day, so there are many bottles out there. This is the general retail release.

At the April event, Eddie joked that Jimmy rather famously doesn't like anything older than 12-years-old. "I figured I could get away with 13," said Eddie. He used the 16-year-old to give the whiskey extra spice notes. The result tastes like a 13-year-old but with a little something extra.


Anonymous said...

That has to be the most unattractive and ugly bottle of bourbon I've ever seen. it should also have been 101 proof. I will not buy anything under 100 proof.
To see what a beautiful bottle looks like check out Very Very Old Fitzgerald with the gold veins on the glass!

Anonymous said...

There are lots of bottles available at the distillery. Plus you can get Rye 101 there too! Mr. Jimmy Russell was signing bottles at my visit. I'll never open that bottle of KY Spirit.