Thursday, July 17, 2014

Join Me for an Exclusive 3-Day Tour of Bourbon Country, October 15-17, 2014

Mid-October is a beautiful time to be in Kentucky. The heat and humidity of summer are gone, autumn’s leaves are in full flame, and Kentucky’s iconic distilleries are busy transforming fall’s grain harvest into new bourbon whiskey.

How would you like to share a few October days with me on an exclusive 3-day tour of Kentucky’s bourbon country? I promise you will love it. We’ll visit distilleries, and do a whole lot more. At the distilleries, we’ll have special behind-the-scenes access. We’ll also see bourbon barrels being made, and bourbon candy. It’s a memorable experience and a lot of fun.

We’ll leave every morning from Louisville. A terrific lunch each day is included. Where you stay and what you do in the evening is up to you, but our days will be jam-packed and I’ll be there the whole time, to share my knowledge and experience, and answer all of your questions as we explore some of my favorite places in the heartland of bourbon whiskey.

The dates are October 15-17, 2014. All of the details, including a complete itinerary, are here. The cost is $599 per person, which includes transportation, admissions, appetizers, lunches, a bourbon tasting with me, and an autographed book. For more information or to reserve your seat, call Mint Julep Tours at 502-583-1433 or email

We did a tour in March of this year and everyone loved it. The photograph above was taken during our visit to the grave of Dr. James C. Crow in Versailles. Everyone made new friends on the trip and got to know the real Kentucky. We were warmly received everywhere we went.

Mint Julep Tours does an outstanding job with the arrangements. They make sure we’re fed, watered, and on-schedule. Mint Julep is bourbon country’s premier tour company and I'm proud they're my partner in this endeavor.

There are only 20 spots available. It’s a little tricky, because we have to book all 20 to be able to do the tour, but people hesitate to sign up for something they know might be cancelled. That’s why we set a deadline of September 1, so you’ll know if the tour is on or not with plenty of time left to make your travel and lodging arrangements. (Mint Julep can get you deals on the lodging.)

Whether you’ve never been or can’t get enough, I promise you this will be a one-of-a-kind experience. I’m looking forward to meeting you and showing you around the Kentucky I love.


snakeman48 said...

That dude in the brown jacket is me!
Anybody thinking about going on this event, all I can say it was worth the price of admission. Chuck did a wonderful job, handled all our questions and often added insight into things related to the history of the area of Bourbon country we were in on that days trip. I can only hope he puts together an advance tour for us veterans of the first one. Hint, Hint !!!!

Chuck Cowdery said...

Check out the itinerary, Snakeman. It's about 50% different from March.

scott said...

I'm right behind you Snakeman! The picture brings back memories of what was great trip and well worth the money. We had good group of interesting people and Chuck was awesome. I learned a lot and hope to do it again sometime. Highly recommend Chuck's tour !