Thursday, May 22, 2014

Think You Know Jim Beam? Take the ADVANCED Course, Tuesday, 5/27 at Fountainhead

Another week, another Fountainhead School of Spirits session. Here's what we're up to this coming Tuesday, 5/27, at 7 PM.

TITLE: American Whisky 150: The Whiskeys of Jim Beam -- Advanced

TASTING: (1) Jim Beam Black Label Bourbon  (2) Old Grand-Dad Bourbon  (3) Basil Hayden Bourbon  (4) Maker’s 46 Bourbon (5) Knob Creek Rye

DESCRIPTION: In this session, we taste the step-up versions of the Beam whiskeys from the basic course. The black label is aged twice as long as white, as is Basil Hayden compared to Grand-Dad. Maker’s 46 undergoes a unique wood treatment after aging. Knob Creek Rye shows how the Beam rye recipe changes as the whiskey matures.

Class starts at 7:00 PM and wraps up about 8:30 PM. Fountainhead is at 1970 Montrose Ave on Chicago's North Side. It's a bar and restaurant. We have a private room for the classes. Don't take the word 'classes' too seriously. It's a small group (about 20-25 people) and very informal. I encourage questions and discussion. Also, Fountainhead has very good food, so don't worry about having dinner first. Click here for tickets.

NOTE: My apologies to anyone who tried to buy tickets to "The Whiskeys of Diageo" for Tuesday, 5/20. We actually cancelled that class two weeks ago due to a scheduling conflict at Fountainhead, but I forgot. Entirely my fault. Sorry for any inconvenience. "The Whiskeys of Diageo" will be rescheduled.

ANOTHER NOTE: If you have attended any of the classes and have suggestions for improvement, or if there are some topics you'd like us to cover in a class, please let me know. You may comment below, or email me at

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