Monday, March 3, 2014

New Chuck Cowdery Tour Dates Are June 11-13, 2014

The inaugural Chuck Cowdery Tour of Bourbon Country kicks off in less than two weeks, and I'm excited to announce that we've scheduled another one for June 11-13.

As with the original tour, space is limited, so get your tickets now.

The other half of that 'we' is Mint Julep Tours. They are still finalizing the details of the June tour, but here is a link to the March details. The June details will be up soon. We also expect to make improvements based on the first tour and feedback from the guests, so we can keep getting better.

You might be surprised that we aren't going to more distilleries but you don't need me for that. The distilleries do a great job with their tours and I encourage you to take as many as you can. This is something else, something more. It's three full days of touring and I'll be there the whole time. We'll visit some distilleries, sure, but also a cooperage, and a place where they make bourbon candy. We'll pay our respects to Dr. James C. Crow and see copper stills being made. We'll take you shopping for bourbon at one of the popular local retailers and wrap it all up with a tasting at a favorite Louisville watering hole.

Because the distilleries and other attractions are pretty far apart, there's a lot of driving. We'll fill in that time talking about bourbon. It's going to be a small group, just 20 people, so there'll be plenty of time to chat. You should come, it's going to be great.

If it sounds like fun to bop around Kentucky with me on a comfortable bus, seeing things most visitors don't, why wait to pull the trigger?

To book, or for any questions, call Josh Dugan at (502) 583-1433 Ext. 108, or email him at

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TonyW said...

I wish this was within the budget. Maybe one day. Have fun!