Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gift Tips For Bourbon Lovers

The best gift for a bourbon lover is, of course, bourbon. But if you're looking for something else, how about a fine book about bourbon? Or a DVD documentary? Or a gift subscription to a nifty bourbon-centric newsletter. These delights are all as close as a mouse click. Look, there they are, neatly lined up to the right of this column.

If you buy here your payment goes through PayPal, which means you can use either your PayPal account or any major credit card. If you prefer to buy through Amazon, you can. Right now, Amazon is cheaper, but if you buy either book here, you can have it autographed by the author, and who can put a price on that?

The books are also available for Kindle and Nook e-readers. To find out how to do all of these wonderful things, just click one of the pictures to the right. Everything is available through Amazon except the newsletter. In addition to subscriptions, bound back issues of the newsletter are available. Click here for more information.

Bourbon, Straight. The Uncut and Unfiltered Story of American Whiskey has been selling very well on Amazon, perhaps because they're offering it right now for 22% off the cover price. Only Amazon knows how long they'll have it at that price. They've also got a deal on The Best Bourbon You'll Never Taste at 19% off the cover price.

Here's a little tip on how you can get an even lower price on Bourbon, Straight, if you don't mind a little cover damage. The damage is very slight. The cover is intact but has some indentations in it that happened in the manufacturing. They can't be sold as new so they are being sold through Amazon Resellers as Used. Just go to the book's regular listing on Amazon and under the price look for the words "20 Used from $14.50." Click on that (or just click here) and you'll see that the $14.50 price is from Made and Bottled in Kentucky (i.e., me). You order and pay through Amazon. Unfortunately, autographs are not available with that option.

Thanks to everyone who has bought or will buy the books, DVD, or newsletter. It's the sale of those items that make this blog possible. We appreciate your support. Happy Happy.


Ben said...

If anyone is on the fence about buying Chuck's book... seriously, just do it. It is far and away one of the best whiskey related purchases I've made.

Unknown said...

I agree with Ben. Buy Chuck's book Bourbon Straight! If you've never sat down with a glass of bourbon in one hand and Chuck's book in the other, then you've never lived. (Chuck, you're welcome for the endorsement!)

The book is highly informative, very readable, admirably concise and 100% non-BS. My wife gave me the book some years ago. So you won't ever find my copy for sale on Amazon. Plus, my copy is too dog-eared by now to be saleable to anyone. But a well dog-eared book is a good book! There is a reason for all those dog-ears. I keep coming back to read selected sections. And always with a glass of bourbon by my side.

Tom Troland

Anonymous said...

I bookmarked my Kindle version of 'Bourbon, Straight' (particularly Chapter 8 - An American Whiskey Sampling Guide)when I read it the first time. I add electro-notes from time to time and have gotten in the habit of "refreshing my recollection" by consulting 'B,S' and my notes when faced with a strange, new bourbon of unknown provenance instead of just grabbing a bottle to try. Certainly has saved me the Kindle price several times over.

McKinney said...

Great choices all. I remember the joy that came over me when I unwrapped my very own copy of "Bourbon, Straight" last Christmas. My wife put it in the same box as a bottle of VW Rye. I spent the rest of the day sipping and reading. Great memories.