Saturday, June 22, 2013

Visit Louisville -- Next Year

With the summer travel season in full swing, many will head for America's whiskey country. If you're coming south from just about anywhere in the Midwest, you'll likely enter through Louisville, Kentucky's largest city, long known as the Gateway to the South.

Should you stop, or keep going?

Unfortunately, when it comes to whiskey tourism, Louisville right now is all coming attractions.
  • The Evan Williams Experience is still under construction
  • Michter's is stalled because their building is unstable. 
  • The most likely site of the Angel's Envy distillery is known but not confirmed. 
  • The Bulleit Experience at Stitzel-Weller has been ready for two years, but is still closed to the public. (They do industry stuff there.) 
  • Another major welcome center is widely rumored but not yet announced. 
Louisville is still a great place to stay, eat, and drink, and it has many other attractions and amenities the rest of the state lacks (except Lexington), but most of its whiskey attractions are still pending.

Maybe next year.


JDL said...

I agree with you that as far as Louisville, it is all coming. And I wish that we could add Brown Foreman to the mix of coming attractions. But I always suggest using Louisville as stepping off to Jim Beam, Heaven Hill and Makers Mark.
On a unrelated note, we have been traveling in Maine, Boston and New York and from my observation, bourbon is a hidden gem in these parts. I went to a liquor store in Bar Harbor Maine and they had Jim and Jack, but very little other selections. I found some Elijah Craig for 20.00 and it was all dusty. Same experience in Boston except the Bourbon they did have was really expensive-$37.00 for Woodford and Makers. Same for New York. I do not appreciate what we have in Kentucky such as price and selection.

Anonymous said...

Richnimrod said;
Yeah, everything exciting & Bourbon-related in Louisville seems to be 'just around the corner' for the last years+. You'd think the obvious impact of 'Bourbon Tourism' to the entire State, and certainly the industry would shake 'em up enough to get the gremlins fixed, and the internal delays ceased... but, you'd be wrong... Too Bad.