Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Correction: Eagle Rare Single Barrel Is Still 10-Years-Old

In the current issue of The Bourbon County Reader (Vol 15 No 2), I write that Eagle Rare was 10-years-old and is now NAS (no age statement). This is incorrect. I meant to observe (in the story "Cheapening of Legacy Products Represents a Long Term Trend" on p. 4) that a few years ago, Eagle Rare was repositioned by Sazerac. They upgraded the bottle, raised the price, made it single barrel, and cut the proof from 101° to 90°, but it remained and still is age-stated at 10-years-old.

The article points out that not all changes to legacy products are in the down direction. The Eagle Rare change was some of each. The bottle and single-barrel switch were upgrades, but the proof cut was a downgrade.

We regret the error.

Eagle Rare Single Barrel is a terrific bourbon and an excellent value at about $30.


Anonymous said...


You Be Forgiven !

So Many Bourbons....So Little Time & Money

Jeffitaph said...

I think I can let this one slide. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Rumor has it Sazerac is dropping the 10 year age statement from the label on the bottle's neck.

Be on the lookout....