Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Releases, Fall 2012.

In the new issue of The Bourbon Country Reader, several new releases are reviewed. They include a lovely new wheater called Larceny, from Heaven Hill; the exquisite new Parker's Heritage Collection, also from Heaven Hill; as well as the new Four Roses Small Batch; and Old Forester Birthday Bourbon which are both also wonderful.

The Bourbon Country Reader does not rate whiskeys. We don't give you scores, we give you information.

For example, you've heard of Seagram's Seven Crown Blended Whiskey. You've probably even had the misfortune of tasting it. As a blend, Seagram's 7 is a mixture of several different whiskeys, plus a whole lot of vodka. Now many of its component whiskeys are being released as straights. We break them down for you.

You've also probably heard of Jack Daniel's. In this issue of The Bourbon Country Reader, Jack's former head of global brand communications, Chris Middleton, writes about Jack's new rye and the Tennessee whiskey tradition (it's part one of two).

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Jeffitaph said...

I just ordered a subscription...thanks, Chuck!

AC said...

I thought I had plenty of time to re-new, but it looks like I better get over to paypal now!

I liken the anticipation and excitement of receiving the BCR in the mail as to getting a secret decoder ring 6 times a year, only instead of "drink more Ovaltine", I get "drink more bourbon" as my message.