Monday, April 30, 2012

Big Fun In Frankfort.

Thank you to everyone who attended my American Whiskey 101 class at Capital Cellars on Saturday. Special thanks to Capital Cellars and proprietor Rachael Peake for hosting, to Rachael's helpers for helping, and to Carl Shields for instigating. I had a great time and downtown Frankfort is a fun and lively place on a warm, late-April afternoon-into-evening.

We hope to make it a regular thing.

Capital Cellars is unusual in that it is a retail wine and spirits shop with a bar and restaurant, all in the same space. They have pleasant outdoor seating on Broadway, a terrific bourbon selection, and special expertise in the growing number of Kentucky-made wines. It's a very comfortable and relaxed place. I saw one woman cheerfully enjoying her white wine on the rocks.

Frankfort, as you may know, is the state capital and has a lot of history. It is home to the Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History, the commonwealth's main history museum, and many other museums and historic sites. Located at the base of steep cliffs along the Kentucky River, it's quite picturesque. There is challenging white water canoeing and kayaking on nearby Elkhorn Creek, the lower part of which is pleasant for any skill level. Buffalo Trace is the local distillery. It's close to Lexington, Lawrenceburg, and Versailles.

I guess what I'm saying is, it's a good place to base your Kentucky getaway. It has plenty of amenities but more of a small town feel than Louisville or Lexington.


Anonymous said...


I enjoyed attending your presentation at Capital Cellars! And the choice of bourbons we sampled was great. I even picked up a bottle of J. T. S. Brown Bottled in Bond after the event, it is now almost half gone. (Great sprinkled on pancakes with maple syrup, perfect for flambe, even suitable for a bracing straight shot.) And, yes, Frankfort is a wonderful place to visit. Visitors should first take a Buffalo Trace tour. Ask for Freddie, but the other tour guides are also very good. Then on to Capital Cellars for a glass of, say, white wine (on the rocks or not) and, perhaps, a souvenir bottle of bourbon to take home. Finally, mosey down the street to the Serafini Restaurant for dinner. (I recommend the hot brown.) Serafini's also has an excellent selection of bourbons. So treat yourself after dinner to a fine whiskey, preferably a local product from Buffalo Trace.

I hope to see you again in Frankfort!

Tom Troland

Anonymous said...

When/where do you think you'll be doing the next one?

Chuck Cowdery said...

If you shop at Capital Cellars, encourage them to have me back soon. If you have an idea for a different venue, email me.