Saturday, March 17, 2012

Damn These Freezing Chicago Winters.

Big Star, Wicker Park's Texas Roadhouse-themed bar and taquería, has been making good use of the unseasonably warm and sunny weather. This may look like July, but it was taken two days ago. Chicagoans don't dawdle when the weather breaks unexpectedly. Shorts and t-shirts are always at the ready, as are roller blades and bikes. Just when you thought you couldn't take one more Chicago winter, it skipped a year. No one is complaining.

The city ordinance allowing sidewalk seating permits it anytime after March 1, a joke in most years, a boon for business in this one.


sku said...

And to think, it's cold and rainy in LA.

Anonymous said...

And for the next few days at least, it's going to be warmer in Grand Rapids, MI than in Yuma, AZ, has me rethinking this snowbird routine lol.

Chuck Cowdery said...

I probably should have mentioned this. Big Star is a good bourbon bar.