Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Collector Or Hoarder? How Many Bottles Are Too Many?

Remember when your liquor cabinet (i.e., the cupboard above the fridge) never had more than two bottles in it? Since you've become a fine spirits aficionado, those days are long gone.

But have you also become a whiskey collector, or possibly a whiskey hoarder?

It's bound to come, the show where they find someone buried beneath 500 1.75 L bottles of Old Grand-Dad from the National Distillers distillery in Frankfort, circa 1985. (That's the sort of thing whiskey hoarders hoard.)

For a guide to safe and sane whiskey collecting, check out the new issue of The Bourbon Country Reader, which dropped yesterday.

You really should subscribe. The February, 2012 issue of The Bourbon Country Reader is Volume 14, Number 3. In it, we also tell the story of Wild Turkey bringing its bottling back to Kentucky and how producers are now consolidating U.S. bottling at their whiskey-making facilities in Kentucky, to the great benefit of Kentucky's economy. We also review the new Knob Creek Rye that will be in stores soon.

The Bourbon Country Reader is produced and delivered the old-fashioned way; ink on paper, in an envelope, delivered personally to your home or office by a uniformed representative of the United States government.

Subscriptions to The Bourbon Country Reader are $20/year for U.S. addresses, $24.50 for Canada, and $28.50 for everybody else. It is published six times a year. Well, maybe not, but your subscription always includes six issues.

Click here to subscribe with PayPal or any major credit card. Click here for more information. Click here for a free sample issue (in PDF format). Click here to open or download the PDF document "The Bourbon Country Reader Issue Contents in Chronological Order." (It's like an index.)

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Justin Victor said...

Chuck, your teaser about collecting/hoarding booze is hitting a little too close to home for me right now. My liquor cabinet overflows, and my "backstock" whiskey now occupies 2 large boxes in my garage. I REALLY look foreword to receiving my copy of the reader. I hope to find that I am not alone.