Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jack On CNBC Tonight.

Tonight, cable network CNBC, as part of its "CNBC Titans" series, presents an hour-long documentary about Jack Daniel's. It airs at 10 pm and 1 am ET. There are clips on their website. Also, look on the web site for an article about Jack that quotes me.


Anonymous said...

In enjoyed the program, although it did seem to carry the aura of a promotional video. For example, we hear the usual tale of the very young Jack Daniel, working deep in the rural South, being the first to register his distillery with the federal government. And all this just one year after the Civil War ended, at a time when the federal government was probably not too popular in the South. According to Chuck, there is not the slightest written documentation for this counter intuitive tale. But the program reports it uncritically.

No one, however, can doubt the marketing genius of Jack Daniel's whiskey. I was intrigued by the choice Jack Daniel's made in the 1950s to show good ole boys in their print ads. Other distillers featured country club types in the ads, suggesting, I suppose, that readers might upgrade to country club status if they began drinking a particular brand of whiskey. But the Jack Daniel's approach was much more successful.

I've always felt that Jack Daniel's whiskey has a roughness in the aroma, not what you might expect after so much charcoal "mellowing". But lots of folks like it, and the story of the brand is certainly an interesting one. One told quite well in the CNBC program.

Tom Troland

John said...

Let's get real, who cares so much about Tennessian Whiskey?!

Bourbon is where it's at and if you asked anyone they'd say that bourbon is the heart and life-blood of America!

And, please don't takes this the wrong way but who is Chuck Chowdrey. Whoever he is, nice blog but a couple bourbon misnomars.