Friday, July 1, 2011

Stranahan's Peeks Out From Its Shell.

Stranahan's was one of the first micro-distilleries to penetrate the national consciousness with its Colorado Whiskey, a malt aged in new charred barrels for about three years. Last fall, the Colorado distillery was sold to Proximo Spirits and the company's normally garrulous principals fell strangely silent. I last wrote about the curious affair here, about six weeks ago.

Two weekends ago, Stranahan's disitiller Jake Norris participated in a whiskey and BBQ event that Stranahan's sponsors in Frisco, Colorado. On Wednesday Westword reported that Stranahan's is in the process of tripling its production capacity. 

The news was announced by a new player, general manager Pete Macca. The short article reads like a press release and was not written by Jonathan Shikes, who has done most of Westword's excellent coverage of the sudden and mysterious sale.

Distillery founder Jess Graber is still vacationing on another planet.


Unknown said...

Do you think tripling their output will bring the cost of their whiskey down? I have yet to try it, but keep hearing only good things.

Chuck Cowdery said...

With them, I'm not prepared to predict anything.