Friday, January 14, 2011

Listen To Me Talk About Bourbon.

K&L Wine Merchants is a California retailer that recently started a podcast series. Earlier today I spent about an hour on the phone with K&L's David Driscoll. That podcast is now up and you can get it here or on i-Tunes.


sku said...

Great interview Chuck! David has really put together a great whiskey program at K&L. He shows a huge amount of dedication to finding great stuff and promotes a lot of spirits education.

laz said...

I shop at K&L specifically because of their attention to bourbon and thus good selection :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck,
John here from pizza goon, I buy alot of stuff from Larry and Kim Cowdery. They are a fabulous and important part of our community here...The ghost chilies he grew last year are (literally) blowing peoples minds...check that...heads off.
Anyway, I've several friends working the boubon barrels here for making beer. It's got such a magnificent taste!
I grew up in Chi Town, worked at Le Ciel Bleu, La Primavera and Entre Nous at the Farimont and we had lots of tastings. The one think I learned from those is to never, never, brush and use mouthwash, then chew Big Red gum before a boubon tasting. Yeccch!
We're getting lots of spelt grown here. Any way to make a good Liquor outta that?
Take care
John Gutekanst

Chuck Cowdery said...

Larry and I share a great-great-great grandfather, or something. My great-grandfather grew up in Coolville but worked on the riverboats and settled in St. Louis.

As for the toothpaste-gum-bourbon combination, the solution is always more bourbon.

Chuck Cowdery said...

As for spelt, Koval Distillery here in Chicago makes whiskey from it. Pretty good too.