Thursday, December 2, 2010

Alcohol-Infused Whipped Cream.

The New Drys are up in arms about alcohol-infused whipped cream. They are over-the-top on this one because the product is too expensive to be abused effectively. It's a novelty, expensive even for that. I haven't had it but I doubt it even tastes good.

Binny's, the big liquor store chain here in Chicago, has it at the checkout because as a novelty it's a good impulse purchase. Recently I was in line behind three young guys -- early 20s probably -- and they were buying for a party. You know, the usual buy for young guys buying for a party -- handles of Captain Morgan Rum, Skyy Vodka and Jack Daniel's. They were being loud and obnoxious, egging each other on, pumping each other up, showing off for each other -- at some point it's like observing chimps -- when one of them noticed the alcohol-infused whipped cream. They picked it up, passed it around, talked it up, then put it back because of the price. Nice idea and at $2 - $3 they might have bought it, but I think it was $7.99 or $8.99 and at that price, no sale.

Repeal Day is this Sunday, December 5. It has been 77 years since Prohibition ended, 90 since it began. Not withstanding the absurdity of protesting alcohol-infused whipped cream, we drinkers need to pay attention to the New Dry agenda. On Sunday, resolve to make sure Prohibition doesn't happen again.

I suggest you drink to it.


Doctor Tarr said...

I'm still waiting for the world to end the way the neo-Prohibitionists said it would if beer labels started showing the alcohol content.

I saw a rack of Boones Farm at Kroger today in Mt Washington. That's a sweet alcohol delivery system aimed at the same 20-something audience, but it's a lot more cost effective.

Delaware Phoenix said...

Yes, let's drink to Repeal Day!

And if Prohibition ever comes again, I know I'm going to have a huge stash.

Anonymous said...

Bourbon whipped cream is actually really good. But, I wouldn't buy it. It's too easy to make and I imagine would be better than anything in a can, since you can control the ingredients.

whipping cream
bourbon (the better the quality, the better the finished product)

It's really good on Pies or out of the bowl. :)