Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ralfy Mitchell Is Worth Watching.

It is so easy these days to make a video that many people do. Most are bad. A few are unintentionally funny but most are just sloppy, tedious, and inane; a complete waste of time as opposed to a fun waste of time.

Simple, low cost videos that are worth watching are so rare I almost always feel compelled to tell people about them. All the more so if the subject is whiskey.

In this case it’s not just one good video, it’s 156 of them and counting.

Though I haven’t watched them all I am hooked on the host, Ralfy Mitchell. I don’t know Mitchell personally but he lives on the Isle of Mann, runs about a dozen different blogs, works the whole Scottish thing to the hilt, and knows what he’s talking about. At least he does when the subject is whiskey. He has a light touch and is very charming. The shows are good technically because he keeps it simple but clearly thinks everything through. Each episode runs about 10 minutes.

I’ve heard of him before now but he finally got my attention when he started to review American whiskey. A sample, from his just-posted review of Elijah Craig 12. Ralfy suggests you add a little water to your whiskey in the glass, cover it, and wait about 30 minutes before tasting because, “this is how you separate the big bourbons from the wee bourbons.”

I know I could have embedded an episode or two here, but better you should just go to and discover him for yourself.


Davin de Kergommeaux said...

Agreed on this Chuck. Ralfy is a hoot!

Unknown said...

Absolutely! Ralfy is one of the reason's I began doing videos and fail in executing them as brilliantly as he does. Ralfy's fun, personable, conversational, and just a great ambassador for whiskey. I actually have watched them all and I recommend any whiskey lover does.

Oliver Klimek said...

Absolutely! Ralfy is one of the reason's I didn't begin doing videos because I know I will never be able to do that comes anywhere near them ;-)

He has got that natural talent that separates the big vloggers from the wee vloggers.

Mark Connelly said...

Well said, Chuck!