Monday, April 5, 2010

Whiskey Week Chicago Is April 19-23.

WhiskeyFest is a one-evening, by-ticket-only event, a type of trade show at which producers have booths where they pour samples of their products for eager fans. The event also includes presentations by producer-supplied authorities. It is sponsored by Malt Advocate Magazine, a publication for which I write.

Scheduled for April 23, this is the 10th annual WhiskeyFest in Chicago, which began a year or two after the first WhiskeyFest was held in New York.

As WhiskeyFest in Chicago has grown, producers and local retailers have taken the opportunity to put on other events in proximity to it, during what has come to be called Whiskey Week, despite the lack of an official proclamation from City Hall. Malt Advocate has even begun to publicize these ancillary events. You can find that schedule here.

As they usually do, tickets for WhiskeyFest itself have sold out, but even without one you can still enjoy some of the other Whiskey Week activities.

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Skyline Displays of Chicago said...

Whiskey week gets bigger and better every year. Thanks for sharing this Chicago tradition.