Friday, March 19, 2010

Jim Beam and ESPN Launch Web Series.

The Next Round – Served Up By Jim Beam, is a new web series hosted by ESPN personality and award-winning journalist Scoop Jackson. It will feature famous guests discussing the news with a focus on sports and pop culture.

The Next Round will debut on Saturday, April 3, during the first commercial break of the 11 PM ET SportsCenter, as well as on Each episode will feature Jackson and a range of guests – actors, athletes, media personalities and comedians – discussing relevant topics of the moment. Known for his strong opinions and edgy perspective, Jackson has covered sports and culture for more than 15 years.

"This far-reaching media integration is a first of its kind for Jim Beam," says Kelly Doss, senior director Bourbons, Beam Global Spirits & Wine. "We like to create legendary experiences for guys, and we know that they bond over Jim Beam cocktails and sports – a perfect combination. By seamlessly integrating the Jim Beam brand with ESPN’s many properties, including their network, web site, magazine and radio outlet, we'll truly be able to play where our guys play. We’re excited to get this venture under way."

New content will air every two weeks on, and portions of the show will air during the 11 p.m. SportsCenter on ESPN. Once per month, The Next Round segments will be featured on ESPN Radio.


dg said...

what is the difference when someone says style of whiskey
, or should it be type of whiskey
somehow i am a little confused, but this rubs me the wrong way their use of style over type


Chuck Cowdery said...

I don't see any reference in the post above to either, but I respect your point. To me, straight bourbon (for example) is a type of whiskey, while heavily-peated single malt scotch is a style. Is that what you mean?

dg said...

yes you were right, it had nothing to do with your post, but it was the only way i could email you to ask this conundrum,
it was just an observation, and confusion about a survey that i read on whiskcast asking folks to choose their favorite styles of whisky.
some how the words stuck in my mind and i had doubts about how they were being used and the distinction between them.
so i had to ask the source aka CC (you)

oh! by the way the whole issue on ice balls is crazy, because a friend of mine, Roberto Sequeira has a product here in the USA , made here in the USA.
that macallan are now promoting, and wdjk john hansel also knows but forgot to mention never made it into his article
see what happens when you start taking ads and critiquing whisk(e)y

see you soon in Kentucky