Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New. Reader. Mailed.

I just now walked across the street and dropped the latest issue of The Bourbon Country Reader (Volume 12, Number 5) into the mailbox.

This time we remember the proud whiskey-making history of Peoria, Illinois. Don't laugh. In 1880, Peoria led the nation in distilled spirits production (most of it whiskey). Peoria distilleries made more than 18 million gallons, compared to just 15 million for all of Kentucky.

Speaking of Kentucky, the Kentucky Distillers' Association has just released a report about bourbon's economic impact on Kentucky. We share some highlights.

And we review the Woodford Reserve Master's Collection Seasoned Oak release.

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1 comment:

beer guru, jr. said...

funny you should mention that chuck. while looking at some old maps of peoria, i noticed a lot of distilleries named, down on the riverfront. many, next to each other, up and down the river.