Tuesday, January 12, 2010

About The New Look.

I began blogging on March 24, 2005. Back then, I wasn't using Blogger or any other service. I was writing the HTML myself and hosting it on my ISP's server.

In August of 2007 I started to double post, on my site and on a Blogger blog. I eventually decided I liked Blogger and discontinued the original site, in that I stopped making new posts to it. The old ones, for good or ill, are all still here.

Blogger does a good job with its standard templates and their canned designs are much better than I could do with my proficiency at HTML. They offer a limited amount of customization.

Using a template, it was only natural that I would see other blogs that looked a lot like mine. As I saw more and more of them it bothered me more and more. I just felt I should have something a little more original and distinctive. Today I came across the blog of a right wing wing nut who is running for the U.S. Senate and, guess what? He has a blog using the same template as mine. I had to change.

This new one is still a Blogger template, but it allows more customization, as evidenced by my use of an original barrelhouse photograph. The modern style is a little more in keeping with my personal taste too.

I hope you like it.


mark said...

The blogger format is a little stiff but I have integrated just enough html to give it a unique look including a fixed header. You can see it here:


sku said...

Nice looking Chuck. If I had any computer expertise at all, I would do something like that myself.

Oh, and who was the right wing candidate?