Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Spay/Neuter Update.

I wrote yesterday about Chicago's proposed mandatory spay/neuter ordinance. As further reading, I recommend the Chicago Tribune's editorial on the proposal, published today.

The editorial also provided some interesting facts that were not in yesterday's Tribune story.

First, about the proposed ordinance. "Owners who don't comply could be fined $100. Those who want to breed their pets could get a permit by paying $100 per year, per dog and submitting to criminal background checks."

How likely is it that Chicago animal owners will comply? "The city now requires dog owners to license their pets. It's $5 if your pet is spayed or neutered, $50 if it isn't. Maybe 1 in 10 dog owners bothers to get the license."

The editorial also points out that City Council supporters of the ordinance are primarily looking for a way to get so-called "vicious dogs" off the street, by which they primarily mean pit bulls.

Regardless of anyone's motives or intentions, the bottom line here is that laws which cannot be enforced or most likely will not be enforced are never a good idea, on this subject or any other.

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