Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The New Bourbon Country Reader Is Here!

The new issue of The Bourbon Country Reader will drop in the next couple of days.

In this issue we complete our three part examination of George Dickel. Staying in Tennessee, we also have an update about that guy charged with illegal possession of $1 million worth of Jack Daniel's whiskey. Then we do our first review of a micro-distillery whiskey. The verdict may surprise you.

In fact, our goal is to surprise you with every issue of The Bourbon Country Reader. Sometimes it's a surprise to everybody that we even get the darn thing out.

The Bourbon Country Reader is the exclusive source for everything you need to know about American Whiskey. It is the only publication devoted exclusively to American whiskey. Always idiosyncratic, we accept no advertising, have no distillery affiliation and serve enthusiasts of American Whiskey like no other publication.

A six-issue subscription is just $20.00. Click here for a free sample issue (PDF format). Click here to subscribe. Click here for more information.

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