Thursday, May 21, 2015

Distillery Security Post Pappygate

Today I would like to direct your attention to the Whisky Advocate website, where I will regale you with stories of empty bottles falling out of walls and other tales of distillery security.

Not surprisingly, considering the value of their products, distilleries have extensive human and technological resources devoted to security, yet for every tall fence someone else builds a taller ladder, and folks with larceny in their hearts always find a way, like bribing a security guard to look the other way (allegedly).

Click here for my Whisky Advocate story about distillery security.

Click here for the latest Pappygate news from the Lexington Herald Leader. (There has been a tenth indictment.)

Click here for Larceny, a bourbon dedicated to a better class of whiskey thief.


Anonymous said...

Nice article! Sounds like BT and WT were already prepped by their legal counsel.

Unknown said...

Often companies brand "the people behind the product." In this case, it is the thieves behind the product. What VP of Communications for a company wishes to draw attention to that?

Erik Fish said...

Nice article.

Ultimately, there is no perfect security. People figured out how to break out of Alcatraz, there'll always be a way to break some barrels out of a warehouse. Security measures come down to a cost vs. potential loss calculation.

The real crime about Larceny is that they still don't distribute nationally. None in Oregon, or Washington that I've been able to find, and few California locations (in places I don't go). And since Oregon is not a free state, I can't order any.