Friday, August 1, 2014

The Deadline to Join the Chuck Cowdery Fall Tour is September 1

The photograph above was taken during our visit to the grave of Dr. James C. Crow on the "Chuck Cowdery VIP Bourbon & History Tour Experience" in March. That stop is on the itinerary again for the October 15-17 tour, but about half of the itinerary is new. Some folks in the March group had so much fun they're thinking about doing it again.

This being August 1st, October seems a long way off, but there's an important date coming up much sooner, September 1st. That's the deadline for signing up.

Why do we have a deadline? And why is it so early? These tours are a big commitment for everyone: me, the Mint Julep folks, the places that have agreed to give us special access, and you our guests. These special tours are tough to pull off because they are budgeted based on a full bus (i.e., 20 guests). If we don't sell every seat, we can't do it. Hence the deadline.

We understand that it's hard for prospective guests to commit because of the planning and cost involved. By making the deadline 45-days before the event, guests still have plenty of time to make their travel and lodging arrangements if we go, or make other plans if we don't.

If this trip sounds like fun to you, I urge you to contact Mint Julep Tours now, get the details, and join us. We'd like to do a couple of these every year, but it's hard to pull them off for the reasons explained above. If you think you'd like to do it, now is the time. There is no certainty we'll ever do it again.

So what is it like? Because the group is so small, it's very friendly. After all, we already have a lot in common. We spend a good amount of time on the bus, traveling from place to place. That's when we get to know each other and I can answer your questions. A drink or two along the way doesn't hurt either. It's a total bourbon and Kentucky experience, a real immersion. Even if you've been to Kentucky before and visited distilleries, you've never done anything like this.

To start the bus rolling, call Mint Julep Tours at 502-583-1433 or email


Anonymous said...

We were on the March tour and it was an amazing trip. In fact, so amazing, we have already called to reserve our seats for this trip. Highly recommended! And, if any of you inaugural trip takers are still considering whether or not you should do it again, please do. A huge part of the trip was meeting so many great bourbon lovers from all over the country. We're the couple from southern Indiana, btw. Maybe we'll try to break out some AAA 10 year!

Chuck Cowdery said...

Looking forward to seeing you again. The sudden appearance of AAA 10-year was one of the highlights of the March trip.