Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kindle Is Updating, Print Copy Is Coming Soon, Tour Deadline Is Here

If you tried to buy the Kindle version of Bourbon, Strange today (and God bless you if you did) you probably couldn't. Proofreading corrections to the print edition were incorporated into the Kindle edition and uploaded earlier today. It should clear Kindle's processing and be available tomorrow.

If you have already bought and downloaded the Kindle version (and God bless you too) you might want to download it again to get the corrections. I'm pretty sure Kindle will let you do that at no cost. Other electronic formats will be dealt with down the road. Although Kindle has apps for every e-reader except Nook (which returns the favor), some people have asked for the ePub format used by Apple's devices, so they can keep all of their books in one place and not have to bother with additional apps. I'll do what I can.

We're still a few weeks away from print edition availability. Amazon is accepting pre-orders and when they have books in stock, they will tell you. If you'd like to buy it directly from the source, just watch for it here. It will be where Bourbon, Straight is now, in the top, right corner, under 'Buy The Book.' Bourbon, Straight will continue to be available under 'The Other Books.' In fact, it's there now.

One advantage to buying it here is that you can get a personalized and signed copy at no extra charge. There is an 'inscription' field on the PayPal order form, where you should write exactly how you would like the inscription to appear. You can also use the 'special instruction' field for that purpose.

In other news, this Monday, September 1, is the deadline for joining the "Chuck Cowdery VIP Bourbon & History Tour Experience," on October 15-17. Details are here.

Part two of Mark Gillespie's WhiskyCast interview with me is here. If you missed it, part one is here.

Finally, the question 'What Is Craft?' when applied to whiskey will probably never be answered conclusively, but I take another stab at it here, on the Whisky Advocate Blog.


Anonymous said...

I just heard part two of your interview with Mark Gillespie. Very interesting and quite some nice points of interest.

Looking forward to the books, but I'll order all of them through Amazon all at once... Big saving on the shipping ;-)

Harry said...

Bought my Kindle version 18 Aug 2014. Typos? Editing? Heck, I thought it was just me. Updated it today. My KF is a 1st Gen (like, the first batch they sold). Newer models update revised books automatically unless you tell them NOT to. BUT, old ones like mine require manual updating. "Remove" the old version from both the Carousel and the device. Go click on the picture of the book to download it. It should appear as "on" your KF and "on" your carousel. They (an Amazon techie named Gouri - thanks, Gouri) tell me that's the updated version. BTW, finished reading it circa 24 Aug. I can hardly wait for the third book in the trilogy to come out.