Friday, January 17, 2014

The Second Annual Bourbon Classic Is January 31, February 1 In Louisville.

Bourbon Classic 2014 is a rare opportunity to experience all facets of Bourbon education, from production to promotion; and Bourbon enjoyment, from cocktails to culinary creations.

Don't underestimate the venue either. The Kentucky Center is a wonderful facility in an ideal location and Louisville has never been a more fun place to visit.

This weekend-long event delivers education and entertainment exclusively focused on the bourbon enthusiast. Hundreds of them will gather in Louisville, the gateway to all the heritage and innovation of Kentucky’s Bourbon Country, to explore the 'best of the best' in the world of Bourbon—from the craftsmanship of distilling to the pure enjoyment of the spirit in its many forms.

For tickets and other information, go here.

I'm hosting a history-oriented event on Saturday at 4:15 PM, with Fred Noe from Jim Beam and Freddie Johnson from Buffalo Trace.

Bourbon is booming and Kentucky's most cosmopolitan city is taking full advantage of it. Last week, the Louisville city government and the Kentucky Distillers' Association announced the Kentucky Bourbon Affair, a 'fantasy camp' for bourbon fans, occurring May 14-18.

I'm doing my own bourbon country magical mystery tour March 12-14. It's sold out but Mint Julep Tours has been receiving a lot of inquiries and is ready to schedule the next one, probably in June.

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Anonymous said...


Bourbon has certainly undergone a remarkable transformation over the last few decades from a working man’s restorative to the object of connoisseurs’ affections. Witness the development of bourbon-themed activities that cost many hundreds of dollars, as described in your post. All of these activities sound like a lot of fun. Still, one could acquire quite a few bottles of fine bourbon for the price of any one of the events.

It’s just a matter of personal choice, of course. But I think I’ll go the bottle route. That choice still leaves me with funds for the occasional dinner at Buffalo Trace Distillery. Folks there organize a few dinners each year. You get a great meal, a tour if you want it, a fine tasting, and a brief but informative presentation on the products. All for about $50 a head. To get more information, simply Google on “Buffalo Trace events”.

Now if time and money were less of an issue for me, I’d surely choose your bus tour. That sounds like a lot more fun than a black tie affair among those who have paid to be VIPs. I can only image that things are quite informal and unpretentious on your bus. Just the way I like it. So I wish you the best of luck on that venture. May you lead many more bus tours in the future! And, if an acquaintance should ask me about bourbon-related activities in that general price range, I’ll surely tell them to go with Chuck!

Tom Troland