Friday, February 1, 2013

The New Bourbon Country Reader Is a Doozy

In the new issue of The Bourbon Country Reader, we issue the final report on the GBS Project.

What, you ask, is the GBS Project?

'GBS' is the Georgia Bourbon Society. Last year, a member of that esteemed body discovered a cache of rare bourbon in a small store in South Carolina. Generously, he shared some with fellow bourbon enthusiasts, who generally found it rich and delicious.

From there a plan evolved to submit it for analysis by experts, to wit, current and retired master distillers. In tribute to the whiskey's discoverer, it was dubbed the GBS Project.

The whiskey, pictured here, is Fairfax County Bourbon, which was made at the original A. Smith Bowman Distillery, then located in Sunset Hills, Fairfax County, Virginia (today's Reston). It was distilled in the spring of 1971 and bottled in the fall of 1976.

Seven distillers participated. Two sent the samples to their distillery's lab for analysis.

The results? For that you need to read the current issue of The Bourbon Country Reader, which is now on its way to current subscribers. In this issue, we also conclude Chris Middleton's two-part story about Tennessee whiskey.

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Richnimrod said...

Richnimrod says; "Gosh Chuck that sounds almost like sales pitch!" Being a subscriber to the esteemed periodical mentioned therein, I can attest to it's idiosyncratic 'stuff'... (whatever that means) and will also say it's one subscription for which I eagerly await each issue. Keep up the good work, dude!

Canetoad said...

Well I'm convinced. I am subscribing to this curious periodical RIGHT NOW! Thanks Chuck!