Friday, February 22, 2013

RIP Magic Slim, 1937-2013

Bluesman Magic Slim, born Morris Holt, died yesterday at the age of 75, which is like 150 in bluesman years.

Magic Slim got his nickname from 'Magic Sam' Maghett, who came with him from Mississippi to Chicago in the '50s. Sam quickly became a star and Slim played bass in his band. Sam dropped dead from a heart attack in 1969, age 32. Slim switched back to guitar and became a leader. He called his band the Teardrops. Members at various times included his brother, Nick; his son, Shawn; and for 13 years, John Primer.

I saw Magic Slim and the Teardrops perform dozens of times, usually at B.L.U.E.S., Etc., on Belmont, here in Chicago. Slim wasn't always magic and was never slim, but he was never less than rock solid, and occasionally lit up the joint.

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T Comp said...

I first caught Magic Slim at Florence's sometime in the mid 70s. A wonderful bluesman with his rough and ready sound. I hadn't seen him play in many years, my loss.