Friday, September 10, 2010

The New Bourbon Country Reader Has Dropped.

The new Bourbon Country Reader (Volume 13, Number 2) was mailed today.

In this issue we finish our look at Cincinnati's surprising whiskey history, surprising because who knew Cincinnati had a whiskey history? (This is part 2 of 2. Part 1 was in the July issue.) Since most of the whiskey sold out of Cincinnati was actually made at distilleries in nearby Lawrenceburg, Indiana, we also tell the story of another Indiana whiskey city, Tell City, named in honor of William Tell.

Hint: there were Beams involved.

Fall is usually when the new bourbons come out, especially the limited editions. We sample a few and talk about the rest. No word yet on the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, which is weird. The collection itself isn't weird. What's weird is that it's September and nothing has been announced yet.

What? You say you don't receive The Bourbon Country Reader? It's very nostalgic, as it comes on paper, in an envelope, in the mail. (That's what the little box outside your front door is for.) It is, as we say on the masthead, "Always Independent & Idiosyncratic. (No distillery affiliation.)"

In a nod, however, to modernity this marks the first time I have taken it to the printer on a USB drive instead of paper masters. Progress?

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