Thursday, February 18, 2010

Texas Bourbon, On Sale Soon.

Garrison Brothers Distillery has been around for several years but they have yet to sell anything except bumper stickers and t-shirts.

That is about to change.

If you did what I suggested Wednesday you already know the news. People in the neighborhood of the Hye, Texas, micro-distillery will get their first taste of Texas Bourbon Whiskey in a few days. This isn't the Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey that Garrison will start to sell this fall. This is a special pre-release, one-of-a-kind bottling to set the stage and say thank you to friends and neighbors.

As Dan Garrison announced yesterday in the newsletter, just 2,000 bottles will be filled. “The first 500 bottles are for the Blanco and Gillespie County electricians, plumbers, masons and construction workers who have helped us build the distillery,” said Garrison. “They deserve the first taste. We’ll give these away as gifts.” A dozen or so are being given to Garrison’s key mentors and friends in Kentucky. The whiskey is 100° proof, unfiltered, and will come in a 375-ml bottle with a suggested retail price of under $50.

The bottles that aren’t given away will be distributed to liquor stores in Blanco and Gillespie Counties in the Texas Hill Country. If you want a bottle, contact a liquor store in Blanco or Gillespie County (the towns of Blanco, Fredericksbrug, Hye and Johnson City), but act fast. Many of the stores already have waiting lists.

Is this just a bunch of hype? Of course it is, but hype can be fun, especially when there's a good product behind it.

When will the pre-release bottles be in stores? On Texas Independence Day, which is March 2, in case you didn't know.

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Anonymous said...

Got me a bottle of "Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey" on November 3 at the store in Blanco, $80 seemed a bit expensive. I been hyped since I heard about it last November so I sprung for it. Impressive bottle and thought it might make great Christmas gifts. So tonight I cracked the seal, let it breath for about 10 minutes added a little shaved ice for chill. VERY Disappointed with the taste. Tried it with Coke, not much better. I realize everyone has their own taste but I'm sticking with Jack Daniels No. 7 and Maker's Mark, quality at a fair price.....