Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And Red Stag By Jim Beam Begat...

...Seagram's 7 Golden Honey.

Seagram's 7 is the leading brand of American Blended Whiskey. It is a Diageo product. (Seagram's no longer exists as a company.)

Jim Beam started this with Red Stag, Jim Beam bourbon flavored with black cherry concentrate, just about a year ago. It has been a huge success so, naturally, others want to try their luck. Seagram's 7, as an inexpensive blend, is a natural vehicle for a flavored whiskey. I haven't had it yet but I'm told the dominant flavors are honey and cinnamon, and it tastes pretty good if you like that sort of thing.

Here's how its makers describe it: "Harness the excitement of the night with blended whiskey with a dark honey finish. Perfect on its own or mixed, tempt your guests with a chilled shot or combine with cola over ice. It’s a whole new smooth."

For more information, go to which, just so you know, is a Diageo web site. You can also read about it on

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