Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Buffalo Trace Warehouse Supervisor Ronnie Eddins Honored.

Although the Master Distillers get most of the attention, there are many other people who make major contributions to the production of the whiskey we all love.

That's why I was so pleased to see Buffalo Trace Warehouse Supervisor Ronnie Eddins honored last week at Malt Advocate Magazine’s WhiskeyFest New York. Eddins was one of three individuals to receive Malt Advocate’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Lifetime is right. Ronnie Eddins has logged 47 years of service to Buffalo Trace and made countless contributions to the distillery and its Experimental Whiskey Program.

"I’m just thrilled," said Eddins after the ceremony. "It was such a surprise and an incredible honor. I couldn’t be happier."

Eddins is responsible for managing more than 300,000 barrels of aging whiskey and is also one of the driving forces in the Buffalo Trace Experimental Whiskey Program. He has headed up numerous experiments for more than 20 years. Some of the experiments include using different chars and woods for aging whiskey. He has even visited the Ozarks to hand select trees for barrels, based on their growing location.

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