Sunday, May 13, 2018

Whiskey Fungus Struggles in Court of Public Opinion

Fungus on the warehouses at Heaven Hill in Bardstown, Kentucky.
Baudoinia compniacensis is a harmless fungus that grows well in the presence of ethanol vapor. It is commonly called the ‘whiskey fungus’ because it is found on or near whiskey maturation warehouses.

The bourbon boom has led to more whiskey being distilled, more in warehouses, and therefore more fungus. Since the first complaints and lawsuits were filed in 2012, the industry has fared well in courts of law, less well in the court of public opinion. Today, when distilleries decide to build new warehouses, and ask for public investment in the form of tax incentives, the companies and officials want to talk about economic development, but the public wants to talk about fungus.

The new, May issue (Volume 18, Number 6) of The Bourbon Country Reader, available now, contains the second and final part of our in-depth report on B. compniacensis and the threat it poses to American whiskey's continued vitality. In part one, (Volume 18, Number 5) we looked at the history and science of the fungus, and the new awareness that first arose about five years ago. In part two, we look at the recent history of complaints to regulators, lawsuits, and the 'not in my backyard' reaction of many citizens to new distilleries and maturation facilities proposed in their communities.

But wait, there's more! Brown-Forman is relaunching one of its ancient brands, King of Kentucky. They tell some of the story, we tell the rest.

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