Friday, July 18, 2014

Curious About an Old Bottle? Try Whiskey ID

Hardly a day goes by that I don't receive an email from someone who has discovered an old bottle in an elderly relative's liquor cabinet, or some other scenario like that. Finding them inside walls while remodeling is my favorite.

They want to know how old it is, who made it, the story behind it, if any, and how much it's worth.

Now there's an app for that.

Well, not the last one (yet) but all the rest, at least the beginning of something that will do all of those things. It's called Whiskey ID. It includes tips on how to age bottles, photographs you can compare your bottle to, producer timelines, a glossary of abbreviations commonly used by whiskey enthusiasts, and other stuff.

Some of it is clearly lifted from and, which is perfectly okay. That information was put up there for everybody to use and this format just makes it easier to access and thus a little more useful.

Most of all, it's easy to use. If researching your bottle on Whiskey ID is too much work for you then forget about it, because you don't really care.

It's also free.

Whiskey ID is not perfect by a long shot. It's clearly a work in progress but it's already a great resource for any American whiskey enthusiast.

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merd said...

Wonder if I were to upload a picture of a Classic Cask 15 year Rye distilled in 1985 if someone could help identify it's genus/origin. It has otherworldly character and there's just a few drops left. Amazing stuff... Just want to know it's history.